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    Apr 13, 2021
    I switched to ProZinc from Novolin N on Saturday (2 days ago.) Hastings has been on 2u BID, so we kept him there to see how the ProZinc does before switching up his dose. I have a FreeStyle Libre2 monitor, and a 10 minutes after taking his noon-time (+5) BG reading (he was fed a whole 5.5 oz can of Friskies Pate with his Cosequin supplement at 0700 with his 2 units immediately after, then got 2/3s of a can of Fancy Feast classic pate at +2 and +4.) As you can see from my spreadsheet, it was great at 111 mg/dL. Then 10 minutes later my reader started to alarm - he was at 57, with the trend arrow pointing straight down!

    He had been snoozing, but as soon as I called him and his brother for food, he woke up immediately and followed me to their feeding spot. (I was a paramedic for almost a decade before switching careers so I'm comfortable treating hypoglycemia in humans, and the cat protocol seems comparable.) I gave him half a can of some FF gravy lovers with a teaspoon of karo syrup mixed in, he gobbled that down. As you can see, his BG climbed well, but then the same thing happened at 1300 (+6): reading of 107 at the top of the hour, then 10 minutes later the reader alarm went off for a reading of 67 mg/dL. He was snoozing again and woke up immediately for some more Karo and this time 2/3 can of FF pate. (I don't want to overdo it on the carbs in the gravy lovers.) I'm updating his spreadsheet as I go. He's holding in 80s-90s, with the trend arrow flat.

    He was up on the windowsill just now, chattering away at the bunnies in the church parking lot next door which is actually out of character for him - since I adopted these two guys at the beginning of the month, Hastings hasn't shown any real inclination to play or chase anything, which I put down to his age, lack of teeth, arthritis, and cataracts. And last night he actually jumped on his brother and trotted around tussling with him a bit. Up until now he's just watched with mild interest when I play with Hercule or batted back a ball if I roll it directly at him.

    From the PZ dosing page, it seems I should lower his dose to 1.75u this evening, and delay dosing until he is above correct? I'm working on getting him on an earlier shoot time (aiming for 0600 and 1800 eventually) but I'm guessing I should keep it at 0700-1900 until I find the dose that doesn't drop him so low.

    Is there anything I should have done differently? My plan is to keep reading him independent of any alarms every 5 minutes, and give him more food if he falls below 70 mg/dL again. How long should I expect a trough like this to last?

    Is his "odd" behavior (of actually acting like a playful cat) something good or bad or will I not know until I have more time to observe patterns?

    I'm including a pic of Hastings giving the rabbits a good scolding. Hercule is in the foreground wondering why his afternoon nap is being disturbed.

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