Glucose Toxicity: What is it & what should I do about it?

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    Feline Diabetes and Glucose Toxicity links

    Written by julie & punkin (ga)
    Originally posted on February 25, 2012

    A couple of weeks ago i decided to research online to see what exactly is happening inside of the body of a diabetic cat. i was particularly curious about the consequences of high blood sugar.

    Some of this is on humans, but it seems that type 2 diabetes is similar in humans and cats. i'm not a scientist and some of this is really complex but, for most of it, you can get the idea they are trying to convey. I won't try to interpret the articles and people will need to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. I'm just sharing what i found for those who are also interested in the question of "how does this all work."

    Each of the quotes below is just a glimpse at the information the article contains. The links will give you the entire article.

    Diabetes in Pets, Glucose Toxicity
    Pathogenesis of Feline Diabetes Mellitus
    Case Study: Glucose Toxicity, Type 1 or Type 2?
    Management of New Onset Type 2 Diabetes (You have to register with Medscape -free- to see article on their site, but i've copied it here.)

    Chronic Oxidative Stress as a Central Mechanism for Glucose Toxicity in Pancreatic Islet Beta Cells in Diabetes*
    Journal of Biomedical Chemistry

    More related articles from the University of Queensland:
    General Information - Diabetic Cats
    What Diet Should I Choose and How Should I Manage Problem Cats? (for vets) 2006, modified 2008

    Which Insulin Do I Choose and How Do I Adjust the Dose? 2006, modified 2008

    Management of Feline Diabetes: Home Monitoring

    Feline Diabetes Mellitus, by David Church World Congress 2006

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