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Discussion in 'Prozinc / PZI' started by BridgetD, May 11, 2021.

  1. BridgetD

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    Mar 3, 2021
    Our cat developed diabetes in feb. 2021 and we started at 2 units twice a day and worked up to 6 units slowly over 2 months. He went hypoglycemic last week and was down to 40. He was just lethargic only symptom. The vet had us cut back 50% to 3units snd said to increase again slowly. We have increased back up to 4 units twice a day and he is in the mid to high 400s. How quickly can we increase his dose after hypoglycemic episode? do we have to go as slow as we did in the beginning because I know in the beginning we were not supposed to increase more than a half a unit a week? He is just having a lot of symptoms in the 400s and not feeling well. Thank you!!
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  2. Oscar and Carrie

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    Feb 20, 2021
    Hi Bridget,

    Hopefully someone with more experience can also advise, but to drop 50% when you had slowly worked up to that dose seems very extreme.

    Normally the dosing protocol would be to reduce by 0.25 units if you have a number less than 90 and monitor closely to see if you need to continue to reduce.

    I would also make sure you are testing for ketones if you have reduced the insulin that much, especially if your cat is seeming unwell.
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