How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids (Video)

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Written by Marje and Gracie
    Originally posted on July 28, 2012

    We did this video with Gus because it seems many of our beloved kitties in LL need fluids at one time or another for various reasons. We hope it's helpful. PLEASE feel free to provide me with any suggestions for how it might be better. It's our first attempt and we can do it over or I can make some edits. So don't worry about any problems with suggesting something. We're used to doing these so we don't see it from the eyes of someone who hasn't done it yet. It isn't helpful if it leaves too much to the imagination ;-) :D :D

    We also dedicate this video to our Gussie. He was an amazing soul loved by many. It is a great tribute to him that he has helped so many kitties by being a wonderful role model in this video and every day he got squids.

    Edited to add on 10/29/2015:
    Info: Lactated Ringers Subcutaneous Fluids....BBraun DEHP free bags
    The NDC code for the BBraun, DEHP-free LRS is: 0264-7750-00

    Edited to add on 01/15/2016:
    Edited to add on 02/18/2016:
    The EZ I.V. Harness is a dual strap system that allows your pet to roam free while Sub Q fluids are being administered.
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