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    Lantus, Basaglar, & Levemir ISG
    Slang Dictionary

    ~ Created by lynn and bear (ga) with a little help from her friends, circa 2008 ~

    This document was originally called the "Lantus Land Slang Dictionary".
    It's been updated and edited numerous times over the years from suggestions made by Lantus, Basaglar, & Levemir ISG members.

    For a list of common abbreviations & definitions used throughout the FDMB see the FDMB Glossary.

    ABs - abbreviation for antibiotics
    AKA - also known as
    AMBG - morning blood glucose number when not on insulin
    AMPS - morning preshot number
    Abort the cycle - an attempt to stop the insulin's action by feeding high carb food

    BCS Dose - big chicken sh*t dose
    Bean - human: caretaker, companion (you)
    The Beach - when BGs are in the low 100s aka as "on shore"
    BG - Blood Glucose
    BIC - bean in charge
    BIPO - Big Insulin Poop Out; not generally seen with Lantus when getting close to an optium dose, but common with other faster acting insulins
    Blue number - BG number between 100-199
    BOS - Ballz of Steel is a humorous award given for shooting a green preshot number (greater than 50 mg/dL, but less than 100 mg/dL) for the first time
    Bounce - high BG numbers seen in response to a number lower than the body is used to; may last up to six cycles, sometimes more
    Bump (a post) - aka bumpnitude, bumpity, etc.; what threads (condos) do in L & L Land when a new post is added to them. The post will then move (bump) to the top of the page.
    Breffis - breakfast
    BTB - Back to Bed
    Bup or Bupe - Buprenorphine / Buprenex, pain med

    Cart - short for cartridge
    Cartridge – (Lantus or Levemir) 3 mL insulin pen refill which fits into an insulin pen, but can be used with or without the pen (no longer available in the USA)
    Caturday - Saturday, a day to hang out with cat
    C & S - Culture and Sensitivity test
    CG - Caregiver
    Chicken dust - ground up freeze dried chicken used as an enticement to get kitty to eat; sprinkle on kitty's food
    Civvie - non-diabetic kitty that lives in same household
    Condo - daily thread (one condo a day per cat in the L & L ISG)
    Cone of shame - Elizabethan collar
    CP - chronic pancreatitis
    CPC - Clean plate club; when kitty eats all his/her meal.

    DBF - Dear boyfriend or Dear Best Friend
    DH - Dear (or anything else that begins with D) husband
    Depot - One's subcutaneous "spare tank" of insulin, which has yet to be used by the body
    DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis; a dangerous and often quickly fatal condition caused by low insulin levels combined with other systemic stresses (
    Dosecrease - a change in dose (can be either an increase or decrease)
    Double dip - when BG goes down a bit at end of cycle (after a clear nadir earlier, not the same as slidage)
    Drooler - dog
    Dx - diagnosis

    Ear Worm - tune in your head that you cannot get rid of no matter what you do
    ECID - Every Cat is Different
    ETA – Edited to Add

    Falls - refers to Niagara Falls - that longtime favorite honeymoon destination. Also, see honeymoon.
    Fat Dose - a slightly larger dose
    Five Ps - peeing, pooping, preening, playing, purring
    Floors (First, Second, etc) - Corresponds to the blood glucose level of the cat (first floor = 100's, second floor = 200's, etc)
    Fur shot - when not all of the insulin gets into the cat and instead lands on kitty's fur
    FWIW – For What It’s Worth

    GA - Guardian Angel or Gone Ahead - referring to a kitty (or anyone) that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
    Green number - BG number under 100

    Handcuffs - frivolously given to caregivers requiring more patience at a certain dose
    HC - High carb canned food (usually 16 - 24% carbs, depending on the cat)
    Honeymoon (H*n*ym**n) - when a cat no longer requires insulin and is OTJ, it is commonly referred to as a honeymoon. No one knows how long the honeymoon will last, but many choose to try not to jinx it by not spelling it completely out.
    ((hugs)) - hugs
    Hx - medical history

    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    ISGs - Insulin Support Groups
    ITD - in the door; grab a BG test the minute you get home
    ITF – Itchy trigger finger; when the caregiver is becoming impatient and is considering a dose increase

    JMO – Just My Opinion
    Juice - Insulin

    Ketones - toxic acids that are the by-product of fat metabolism and build up in the bloodstream (
    KWIM? - know what I mean?

    the L's - refers to the long acting insulins Lantus and Levemir
    L & L Land - (now retired since adding Basaglar to our group) Lantus & Levemir Land aka the Lantus & Levemir Insulin Insulin Support Group
    Lagoon - kitty's in BG numbers under 100
    Lather, rinse, repeat - feed, test, post (repeat as often as needed to bring up a low number).
    LC - low carb aka reg canned food (usually 10% carbs or less, depending on the carb sensitivity of the cat)
    Lev - abbreviation commonly used for Levemir insulin
    Liquipoo - diarrhea
    Liver training school (LTS) - training a cat not to bounce from good numbers
    Liver training boot camp - for those cats that need more than school
    Loose Lips - A single daily thread for everyone to post off topic conversations/news. Anyone can start the thread. Everyone can post in it!

    MC – Medium carb food (usually 11 - 15% carbs, depending on the carb sensitivity of the cat)
    Mr. L - respectfully refers to kitty's liver
    Mr. P - respectfully refers to kitty's pancreas

    NDW aka New Dose Wonkiness - "Many cats will occasionally react to an increased dose with increased BGs - within the first 2 to 3 days after an increase, usually lasting for less than 24 hours. Nobody really knows what the reason for this phenomenon is (perhaps a "panicky liver"?) - hold the dose and ignore the fluctuations."
    Nadir – lowest point blood glucose reaches during an insulin cycle
    Nanners - catnip bananas
    Nappus - nap
    ni-ni - goodnight
    Normapoo - normal poop

    OP - Original poster (person who started the thread)
    OT - Off Topic
    OTD - refers to a BG test taken immediately prior to leaving the house
    OTJ - Off the Juice, in remission, diet controlled
    OTOH - On the other hand

    P-titis – Pancreatitis
    Patience Pants - Silly pants kindly given to those who need help exercising patience while waiting to determine what a certain dose is capable of doing
    Pen - (in the L & L ISG) a 3 mL Lantus Solostar Pen or a 3 mL Levemir FlexTouch Pen
    Pink number - BG numbers 300 - 399
    PJ Party - (Pajama) party to stay awake when kitty decides to go into low numbers at night
    PMPS - Evening/night time preshot number
    Poke - to test BG
    Pred - Prednisolone
    Prezzies - presents left in the litter box, also known as poop
    PS - preshot
    Puddingpoo - poop level between normapoo and liquipoo

    R - (Humulin Regular or Novolin Regular) a fast-acting insulin *usually* out of kitty's system within 4 - 6 hours. Sometimes used as a bolus insulin with Lantus or Levemir.
    Red number - BG numbers 400 - 499
    Reducie - a dose reduction
    Rx - prescription

    Shed - slang term for the insulin depot
    SHOOOOOOOOOOT! - get some insulin into that cat!
    Skeerd - scared
    Skinny Dose - a dose that is slightly less
    Sleepus - time for bed
    Slidage - when BG level goes down after +6 until PS
    Slurp - eat
    Slurpus - eat
    Snackus - snack; small amount of food
    Spot Cheek - spot check
    Squids - subcutaneous (sub-q) fluids
    SS - spreadsheet
    Surfing - when BG levels remains under 100 for most of the cycle
    Swimming with the sharks - BG numbers less than 50

    Tank - "be the tank" - just keep going (cause tanks always get where they are going)
    Tanya’s Site – A website geared toward CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) kitties that contains a lot of valuable info for any cat owner, and food charts.
    Trampoline - bouncing (mini tramopline - small bounce)
    TBP - Place of employment ("The Bad Place")
    Toof - tooth, teeth
    Toofus - tooth, teeth
    TOR - Touch of R (a very small amount of "Regular" insulin)
    Tx - treatment

    URI - upper respiratory infection
    UTI - urinary tract inflammation or urinary tract infection; a Culture & Sensitivity test must be done to determine if a urinary tract infection actually does exist

    Verramuch - very much
    Vines – Vibes (a typo that caught on); usually good wishes sent to someone who needs them

    WCR - whole cat report (your cat is not just about BG numbers)
    Wonky - blood glucose numbers that suddenly don't make sense; a series of wonky numbers means something has changed and needs to be addressed; a single wonky number usually isn't cause for worry.

    Yeller - yellow
    Yellow number - BG numbers 200 - 299

    Zoom - when BG numbers rise rapidly

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