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    May 30, 2010
    We are happy you are all here whether you are new or a long-time member. We welcome each and every one to the “L,B,L” family.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to ask each of you to read/reread the very important thread on Making the Most of your Lantus, Basalgar, Levemir ISG Experience. Even if you’ve been here a while and have read it before, we’ve made important changes.

    We have many new members and more joining every day. The subject lines have gotten out of “conformity” making it sometimes difficult to triage and see who needs help first. To that end, we’ve added sections on the specific manner in which to entitle your daily condo. In the last several months, some titles have long text entries and almost little to no data. Please be sure the title is started:

    Date Kitty’s Name BGs using the detailed example in the linked post above. Flipping any of this data around makes it difficult for those helping to quickly scan the column and see who needs help first. The year is not needed.
    In addition, please review the section in the linked post above on the format for your signature block. The list is moderator and webmaster approved and provides that information which those helping you need to know at a glance. Please do not include the current dose as that changes. Also, please do not include your location (you can list this in your profile if you wish but please omit from the signature block). It is also very helpful for those assisting you if the SS link is always in the same place from member to member; to that end, we’ve asked that it be by itself on the last line of the signature block. When we need to see the SS immediately to offer help to a “911”, it takes more time to have to search for the link and eventually find it in the middle of the text regarding what kitty eats.

    It’s also extremely helpful if we know what time zone you are in. Please do not put this in the signature block but you can enter it into your Profile and we suggest that you do. All we need is the state if in the US or province if in Canada. This helps those helping you when dealing with low numbers or other urgent situations.

    Finally, please remember to post the link to the previous condo in the very first text box of the new condo and start a new condo every day. One condo per cat per day with all of your questions.

    We are working to improve your experience as much as we can and we appreciate your assistance. Please stay well.

    Marje and Gracie (GA)
    Sienne and Gabby (GA)
    Wendy & Neko (GA)
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