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    Hi Folks,

    I have a question about the duration of Prozinc. I need to understand a bit more about the theory of how prozinc works. The info on this forum says;

    • PZ is an “in and out” insulin, however, it is possible for one cycle to affect the next. This means that the insulin does not build up in the system and stay there. “Onset” is when the insulin starts working, usually between 2 to 3 hours after the shot is given (depending on your cat’s own unique metabolism). PZ generally lasts 12 hours (“duration”) resulting in a “curve” of BG numbers, downward around mid-cycle, then back upward toward the end of each 12-hour cycle. For this reason, it’s dosed twice a day.
    • The infö also says the duration will increase and the BG levels decrease with better control.
    In your experience:

    - does an increased dose of insulin affect when the "onset" of the insulin is? I would expect "no" to be the answer because it depends on the cat's metabolism;
    - why does an increase in the dose of insulin affect its duration? So for example, in theory, if you have a 10 hour duration on dose which is insufficient but then increase it to an ideal dose (if there is such a thing but assume there is) why won't the duration still be 10 hours? If the onset depends on the cat's metabolism surely the duration would too?
    - if there is no build up on psi how does one dose of insulin affects the next dose of insulin and how does it affect it: by affecting the BG levels, the onset and or the duration or all three?

    (Duration (my definition) the point in time when the BG levels return to the pre-shot levels.)

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