Prozinc UK - a hopeful update about supply issues...

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    Sep 6, 2010
    Hi folks,
    As you know, Prozinc has been unavailable in the UK for a wee while. However - don't want to raise your hopes unnecessarily, but - there are some hopeful signs...
    Animed is now showing it as available on their website. Have emailed them for clarification about whether it really is available...

    A UK lady has managed to obtain some...from Canada... :woot: ...Her vet contacted the manufacturer and was given details of a Canadian contact who might be able to supply. And the lady has now got her insulin, which turned out to be cheaper than what she'd previously bought it for in the UK... This lady has been really lucky in having such a helpful and proactive vet.
    Apparently it's possible that Boehringer may be bringing in stock from Canada because of the dire situation in the UK.

    So, a bit of hopeful news, but hard to know how much to read into it at this point...

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