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    A fructosamine test shows an average of blood glucose levels over a 2 or 3 week period. If there have been a lot of high numbers and a lot of low numbers over the last few weeks the fructosamine could show the levels are good.

    Fructosamine Reference Ranges for Cats:

    Cats Fructosamine values (micromol/l)
    Normal non-diabetic cat 190 - 365
    Newly diagnosed diabetic cat 350 - 730

    Treated diabetic cats:

    Excellent control 350 - 400
    Good control 400 - 450
    Fair control 450 - 500
    Poor control >500

    Advantages and L
    imitations of fructosamine measurements

    • Advantage: Distinguishes hyperglycaemic, non-diabetic animals from diabetics with chronic hyperglycaemia
    • Limitation: Unable to detect short-term or transient abnormalities in the blood glucose concentration, e.g. hypoglycaemia.
    • Advantage: Does not appear to be influenced by transient (stress) hyperglycaemia
    • Limitation: Hyperthyroid cats with diabetes mellitus may have decreased fructosamine concentrations, despite having normal serum protein concentrations due to an increase in the protein turnover rate (decreased protein half-life) due to increased thyroid hormone concentrations.
    • Advantage: Useful in confirming diagnosis in cats
    • Limitation: Increase in hyperproteinaemia (e.g. dehydration).
    • Advantage: Useful in evaluating longer-term control and owner compliance with insulin treatment
    • Limitation: Dogs with hypoalbuminaemia also have a decreased fructosamine concentration (false negative).
    Unfortunately, a fructosamine doesn't show what has happened each and every day. Testing your kitty's blood sugar at home will give you an accurate picture of how your cat is responding to insulin.

    More info on Hometesting:

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