TiTi has 450 level for Fructomasine & is Unstable

Discussion in 'Honeymooners / OTJ' started by Kathy and TiTi, May 19, 2016.

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    Feb 12, 2016
    10 days ago I took TiTi to my vet for a swollen jaw. It turned out to be an infection in the left maxilla (white area showed on x-ray), but no abscess showed. After 10 days of an antibiotic for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria , it has completely cleared.
    After testing glucose which came in at 499, my vet finally accepted that TiTi is a hi-dose kitty. Later blood values showed TiTi at only 335, for the same day and hour.
    Her fructomasine level came in at 450 (approximately).
    My vet recommended 11units ; now TiTi is up to 13 units.
    Yesterday, I did everything right, got the insulin filled in the syringe, got TiTi eating , then found out that evening that I had forgotten to give her the shot, which still sat on the table next to my bed.. Sheesh!

    That same night around midnight I noticed TiTi walking a bit off balance, and she had stopped eating or drinking H2O. I tested her glucose:552, and then gave her 6 units of insulin, having no idea it it was correct. My computer was down due to a huge storm. Stayed awake to 3am , watching her. I also gave her 100ml subq fluids, and the recommended dose of appetite stimulant.

    This morning , before work I gave Titi 13 units insulin and 100mls fluid. She's eating her wet food now. Though sleepy TiTi's walking normally. Just now, around 3:15pm I tested her and she is at 200. Oh, she's on lantus. She dislikes and mistrusts me at this point, but what can ya' do? Anyway, I am pretty exhausted, but should have the spreadsheet filled out by tomorrow.

    How do I handle things from this point. How much testing should I do? What should I watch out for? etc.
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