Zobaline, alternatives, and dosing

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  1. SRB

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    Dec 9, 2020
    Hi all,

    I want to give Zobaline a try, but I wondered if there was a more cost effective and readily available alternative that people here use. I searched the forum and found recommendations for two others, but they come in 5000mcg and 1000mcg to Zobaline's 3000mcg. How do you measure it out to give a safe dose?


    Any other recommendations? I know to avoid the human kind with sweeteners. I will probably just order the Zobaline from the manufacturer site if I don't get a better suggestion.

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  2. FarmKitty

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    Aug 19, 2020
    Hey, I use that b12 you linked and also some Folate from the same site (https://www.vitacost.com/natures-way-folate) and I found shipping to be very fast. I do this because Zobaline is very expensive to get in Canada! I think the folate/folic acid somehow helps increase the absorption of the methyl-b12.

    Zobaline has 3000mcg of b12 and 200mcg of Folate. So to replicate this, I use half of 1 capsule of the Vitacost 5,000 mcg B12 (which would be around 2500mcg), and half of 1 capsule of the Nature's Way folate capsules. The Folate capsules say 800 mcg but that is "DFE" which means Dietary Folate Equivalent. If you look at the label, it says 480 mcg Folic Acid, so I give half of one of these capsules (~240 mcg). I asked a pharmacist about the DFE part because it was all very confusing!

    So instead of 3000mcg b12 & 200mcg folic acid (which Zobaline has), I give Dixie 2500 mcg b12 & 240 mcg folic acid. Honestly, I just do it this way because it is easy to open up the capsule, pour out half onto her meal and then close the capsule and store them in an old test-strip bottle. They get used the next day.

    From what I have read, you don't need to be super concerned about exact dosing because it is water soluble and excess will be peed out.

    If you want to get more precise about it, then another member has posted instructions here. If you do a search on the forum, you will probably see that people give different amounts and some give it more than once a day.
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  3. SRB

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    Dec 9, 2020
    Thanks, FarmKitty, this is exactly the sort of information I was looking for. Will consider.

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