05/22-Freckles/Judy AMPS 81, 200@+7

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  1. Judy and Freckles

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    Oct 20, 2019
    yesterday's post

    Thanks so much for your suggestions yesterday @Marje and Gracie. Freckles ended up having a AMPS in the greens, so I ended up giving her a reduced dose of 6 u.

    So with the reduced dose this morning, for tonight's shot, do I go back up to my last dose of 7.5u or do I work my way up and give 6.5u tonight?

    I'm thinking it's really no different than a purposeful FS so I should go back to 7.5u, but I just want to double

    And yes... I'm very proud of my little girl who is coming down the dosing ladder. Main thing is she is feeling good and acting her normal self. I would say, that although her appetite is still extreme compared to the civvies, it's not as voracious as it was before. :cat:
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    Dec 11, 2016
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    You pretend it was a partial fur shot, and go back to your usual dose.
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