? 2/20 Dimmu PMPS: 340, +1.75: 403. Questions about dose increase and dental work.

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    Oct 18, 2017
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    Hi everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!

    It's been a while since we were last here. We solved the injection problem by injecting in his scruff (as @Ella & Rusty & Stu(GA) suggested) while he eats, and it's going well!

    We were doing a .25U increase for a while and were seeing some yellows, but since increased to 3U on Sunday, it's back to all pink again (he was 299 once, but tha's close enough). He's due for another increase tomorrow morning, should I increase by .5U as per TR protocol?

    Dimmu had 2 teeth extracted about 2 years ago, and has not had any dental work since, his gum is inflamed from time to time and would bleed sometimes when I brush his teeth, he wouldn't let me brush his teeth everyday, so it's also difficult to control the plaque and gingivitis. He dose like flossing (!), tho. I'd really like to have his dental work done now. I emailed a few clinics to see if there is a dental specialist to do dental x-ray, but was unable to find one. If we have to go with a regular vet in the end, what are some pointers? I am also worried about the anesthesia and his diabetes, what mixtures are safer and what are absolute nono's?

    We weren't doing as many BG tests as we'd like in the last few days because it's becoming increasingly difficult, sometimes it takes 20mins and lots of fighting to get a sample, his ears are very bruised, too.

    I searched the forum to try to find new tips, but I am already doing most of the things that people find helpful. I warm his ears, stepped down from 33g to 30g, pressed the site with light pressure afterwards and apply ledun solution and emu oil. I try to stay relaxed and have conversations with him before the prick, but it doesn't always help. I think I will have to give Neosporin a try then.... but any tips are welcome!
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Happy Chinese New Year back at you. Normally there's a big parade here - it's sunny, but unseasonable cold so not sure they'll get the crowds.

    Bad teeth/mouth inflammation are notorious for making it hard to regulate a cat. It's a good idea to get any issues taken care of. Here is a post on Dental Procedures. Some anesthesia induction drugs temporarily lower the blood sugar, but not all do. I would stay away from ketamine, but otherwise don't have any suggestions. Some vets like to give Metacam after dentals, probably more so in Europe than in North America. I think they use a lower concentration elsewhere, but it's got a black box warning here so we avoid it.

    Neosporin might be called something else over there. In Canada we use Polysporin. You want something for healing and pain relief. It really does help. Some peope use 28g lancets - a consideration if you aren't getting enough blood so having to poke twice. If you are getting bruising, I would put a little firmer pressure on after the poke and try holding 20 seconds. I know, not easy!

    I think I would increase to 3.5 units. Try to get at least one other test other than preshot for each cycle.
  3. Dimmu & KL

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    Oct 18, 2017
    Thank you, Wendy.

    Dimmu was rather cooperative this morning. It's like he knows he should behave or I'll tell on him here.....

    We'll get his dental work done, and hopefully it'll help getting his numbers down.

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