3/15 Loudogg AMPS 291 +6.75 276 PMPS 299 - Dosecrease tonight

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  1. Amanda and a Loudogg

    Amanda and a Loudogg Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    March 14, 2019 Condo

    Good morning everyone,
    Today is the 6th cycle at 2.5u and since the 37. Lou has been hanging out in the high 200s to low 300s almost ever since. He's been having beautifully steady cycles, just in the wrong colors. If he doesn't do anything today, it's time to increase him back up to the 2.75u. I just don't understand why he's waffling about with these cycles of reduction/failed reduction/increase. I'm starting to wonder if I'm measuring the 2.75u wrong, possibly giving him too much insulin, which could be causing the BGs in the 30s. I've always done it the same regardless of the overall total amount of insulin, but that doesn't mean I haven't gotten complacent. I'm willing to try the increase once more while making absolutely certain I'm not overdosing him. If that doesn't work again, I'll be flummoxed as to what to do next, probably get serious about calipers (but that's a worry for another day). I won't get ahead of myself though. Here's hoping he'll get to work and make this increase unnecessary.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and your kitties surf safely! Thankfully we got REALLY lucky with this storm. There was almost a bubble that seemed to protect us from the worst of it. It was a slushy mess driving in to work yesterday, but not bad. Many roads were perfectly clear on the way home, but the blizzard wind was still in full effect, making driving more of a physical battle. But I'll take it! Now we'll be having warmer (30s-40s) and dryer days coming up, so we can work on getting rid of all this snow! :D
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  2. Bellasmom

    Bellasmom Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2018
    Good luck with doscrease :bighug:
  3. JoyBee&Ravan

    JoyBee&Ravan Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    Was going thru the same thing with Ravan! I borrowed calipers & have been using them. I also increased his dose & so far things are looking better. You just never know what they're going to do :woot::woot::woot:
  4. Ti-Mousse

    Ti-Mousse Member

    Dec 2, 2018
    Just like Ti-Mousse: steady cycles in the wrong colors.... :arghh:
    BTW calipers are great and very easy to use. Once you start with them, you can't imagine dosing without !!:)
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  5. Olive & Paula

    Olive & Paula Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2015
    Calipers are not a worry. I even use them for whole doses. Especially helpful if your tired and half asleep.
  6. Gill & George

    Gill & George Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2015
    They can sometimes bobble about with doses, doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

    What is his normal feeding schedule?
    Did you feed the 58 on 3/12? it says you gave HC to the 39, but nothing else??

    I'm glad that the storm wasn't as bad as was first forecast, that must have been a relief.
  7. Amanda and a Loudogg

    Amanda and a Loudogg Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    It was!!! :joyful: Normally he gets fed at PS, +3/+4, +6/+7, and +9/+9.5 each cycle. His BG checks are nearly always accompanied with food. So looking at the 12th, he was fed at least a 1/4 can at +3 and +7.5 (58). He should have gotten another 1/4 can with the 1/3 can of 20% HC after the 37, but Caleb doesn't always give both if he's giving a larger amount of HC. I know when Caleb's in charge (usually weekday mornings), Lou may not always get full meals at the beginning of the cycle or right on time. Lou's gotten pretty good at waking Caleb up around +3.5 for food even if Caleb doesn't always check him during that time. I know that changes in meal amounts can affect the BGs during a cycle, but these 30s feel a bit extreme. I suppose all I really can do at this point is just dose based on where the numbers take us and hope he straightens himself out and decides what he wants to do soon!

    I know that intellectually, but the first pair I bought were broken when I opened the box (and it was past the return timeframe), and so I ordered a pair off Amazon, and they're huge. I just kind of gave up the idea of using them after that. I need to just try it out and get over it, but one thing at a time. :p
  8. carfurby

    carfurby Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Good luck with the dosecrease.
  9. Jill & Scooter

    Jill & Scooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2018
    Hope the dosecrease works! I’m not qualified to give dose advice, but if the 2.75 turns out to be too much, have you thought about a skinny 2.75 or a fat 2.5 ? What about an auto feeder to make his snacks consistent? I fix Scooter even when I’m home. I just have to fix his food once/cycle and it helps me be consistent with the times. Come on Lou! You can do this!
  10. Amanda and a Loudogg

    Amanda and a Loudogg Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    I have technically, but I have no idea how to really do that. I honestly miss the U40 syringes I used with Vetsulin. The body of the syringe was wider, so I could easily see everything I was doing, including fat or skinny doses (although I've never used them). These U100 syringes are skinny and I can't see anything on them outside of the normal full and half-dose lines because everything is so squished together. I'm going to really pay attention to my doses this go around, in the off chance that I've been giving him closer to 3.0u instead of 2.75u. If things remain the same, I'll have to look into fat/skinny dose options.

    We do have auto-feeders, but we've never used them. There's generally someone home at all times (Caleb and I work almost opposite schedules), so it hasn't really been necessary yet. I've been thinking about setting them up to make sure he gets his second breakfast, but I've drug my feet because it just means extra work for me in the mornings, which are already a bit tight for time. But yeah, all this going up and going back down is getting tiring, so I think I'm running out of "easy" options and excuses. :oops: Thanks for the suggestions Jill, I appreciate it! Here's hoping the 3rd time's the charm!
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  11. JeffJ

    JeffJ Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2016
    Theresa and I have trouble with the U100 adjusted doses as well. The syringe industry is idiotic to - not produce insulin syringes for smaller dose deliveries. I would guess a huge part of the market uses 5 units or less.

    Leo is bouncing around with Lou. And on the same dose, and same feedings for 5 days now. I think some of our diabetic kittehs just like colorful charts.

    Glad to hear the blizzard didn't pan out. Our boys Leo and LD are outside today enjoying 67 degrees. In about a month it will get up in the 90's again, and mosquitoes, and both boys will be spending more time inside.

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