4/13 Ming AMPS = 121, +5.5 = 94, +7.5 = 119, +10.5 = 94

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    Jun 10, 2018

    AMPS = 121
    +5.5 = 94
    +7.5 = 119

    Ming on Levemir is a nice beautiful thing! I gave him a whole can of FF @ +5.5 because I was leaving the house. He also didn't eat all of his AM meal because I introduced raw turkey and he doesn't really dig it. He really loves pork haha.

    I usually don't go out on Saturdays and if I do, I go to places outside of my city since where I live is notorious for super busy parking lots and not so great drivers... and boy......... I am not going out on Saturday afternoons anymore :facepalm: I spent 15 mins looking for a parking spot and was already running late for an appt. Then when I was walking to the building, a car nearly hit me and it's not like you can go all that fast in a parking lot!!! I also witnessed two cars graze a wall turning a corner.

    Anyway, hope everyone's Caturday is better than mine :p
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