Pig 6/13 amps 246

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    Dec 8, 2017

    I am not going to lie... These numbers are frustrating me just a bit. The only logical explanation that I have at all is that it is an issue of using more of the calories that are ingested along with a system reaction (perhaps a slight inflammatory response). If that is the case, the worst thing I can do is pull him off the RC because I will need to hold these changes for at least a month before any results will be seen. This is what I plan to do. I have noticed a significant decrease in black flakes, the smell of output is nil, and it is becoming more formed. He seems to feel better and his physical appearance changes drastically very quickly! All signs point to being on the right track... Except the numbers. But, the numbers say "patience... hold the changes". I feel that, just like with SRT, it is patience in all things. Slow and steady.

    He has been far more alert and less sleepy. He did get a bit grumpy last night, but that is because I raised the L and did not dose R so his numbers saw an 'ugly' color.. he is always grumpy in THAT color.... :p

    On another note, he is handling the 1/2 cap PB pretty well, so I think I will give him a day or two on that and raise before my intended week schedule, unless he reacts adversely. The sooner I can build up that gut flora the better. Once the PB is acclimated then I will add SEB. This can work very well.

    Friday I am ordering a month and a half worth of RC and I have already ordered the spoons that @LizzieInTexas linked me to. I have also ordered my Kefir grains to start my own colonies. I finally decided to cultivate it on my own because I have access to raw Goat's milk where I live and I can't see how anything could really be better than that. Entirely grass fed and naturally raised milk. Perfect!

    Here is to some better numbers in a short few weeks!

    All the loves and butt licks! :p:p:p
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    Jul 7, 2016
    Yes, it is patience that will get you and Pig through this. The bounces are not even that bad. In general if you stand back from the chart, the colors are mostly blue and yellow. That's pretty good.

    Some cats just don't like to be regulated. Leo still bounces around. And he has that "cliff". If I give him just a wee bit more insulin, then he goes into hypo range. So his nadirs are usually 100-150. So I would be happy with Pig's general numbers. All those blue values are pretty healthy. And there is a nice downward trend just 5 weeks after SRT.
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    Dec 8, 2017
    And you are so right... I guess its sort of like a stasis period where you have put out thousands of dollars on a product you have to wait months on... *sigh* Its a big deal because the "product" is soooo incredibly important. Like, one of the biggest deals of my life... :)

    Patience... I will learn this skill... Haha
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    Nov 30, 2016
    It ain't easy!
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    I am not sure the calories are the issue. It's hard to tell the last dose where he saw green that was not influenced by a higher depot. I suspect the depot at the time might have thought it was in the 30's. I'm glad you increased.
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