7/31 Max- PMPS 123, +2.5 140, +5 123, +9.5 200; shot a reduced dose so I could sleep.

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    May 14, 2020
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    I figure it will come back to bit me in the butt at the AMPS test, but I shot 1/2 of Max's regular dose at the PM shot time rather than skip. 123 was totally NOT too low to shoot, but I got no sleep the night before worrying he'd hypo with the 104 shoot on 7/30 and was just too exhausted to stay up and monitor him hourly again (he's known to drop a lot in an hour).

    He routinely wakes me for food around +2-3 and +5-6, so I set alarms for those times in case he's still sleeping, but more often than not, he's my alarm. I will find out in about an hour where he's at! Paws crossed he not horribly high getting 0.75U and not his regular 1.5U. :cat:
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    May 10, 2013
    Sometimes you have to take care of yourself or you won't be any good for Max.

    Hope you got some sleep!!
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