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    Aug 15, 2019
    I was able to get the spreadsheet up and running and it just looks like I have no control over my little guy’s numbers. Since I began testing this month, we’ve not ever been below the 300-range. Today was the first opportunity I’ve had to do a mid-cycle and it was higher than his AMPS! I would appreciate any kind advice as far as dosing is concerned. I know too much can look like not enough, but at this point I have no idea which direction to go. :(
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    I am very happy to see you getting pre-shot tests and yes they are high however you can't determine dose on pre-shots numbers alone and one mid cycle test doesn't offer much in the way of clues as to what is going on or why that number is elevated. It is imperative to get mid cycle tests to see how low any particular dose of insulin is taking BG and you've been changing the dose enough that it's not clear if any particular dose is working better than another.

    Your vet increased the insulin by too much at a time making it quite feasible that the dose is too high but it's also possible that Fluff needs the higher dose. I think I suggested reducing to 2u on the 5th of Sept. and getting mid cycle tests. I stand by that recommendation. You need to hold the dose for a period of at least 6 cycles (3 days) and possibly more if improvement is being seen. Mid cycle tests (preferably between +4 and +7 when possible) will tell you how low BG is going during the cycle but one mid cycle that is elevated could be due to dose being too high or it could be due to bouncing from lower numbers you are not seeing.

    Most kitties go lower at night and while we all need our rest and can't be up testing all night long, tests taken early in the night cycle and before bed, offer some clues as to where BG is headed and complete the picture of how effective a particular dose is. If you can't get tests during the day during the week, those before bed tests during the night cycle are that much more important.

    If you are unable to get mid cycle tests during the week due to work hours, then consider adjusting shot times so that you can grab a test +1 or +2 after the AM shot or a test when you come back home from work. All data is helpful but until there is enough data to provide clues, it's impossible to say whether the dose is too low or too high.
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    Aug 15, 2019

    Thank you! I just did the PMPS and got our lowest number EVER - a 310! I then followed up with a 2u dose. I’ll test before bed, too.
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